Monday, November 24, 2014


       My name is Jessie Finkelstein. I am a freshman at the University of Michigan. This e-portfolio reflects on my first semester writing experience in the Writing 100 course. You will see the writing projects I have done since the summer, beginning with the DSP essay that I wrote for orientation and ending with my final paper. As you read through the essays you will find that there is a underlying theme of determination, hope and societal conflict. Each piece is based off of readings from class that have dealt with historical examples of racial, class and ideological struggles. It is also the theme that I chose to base my final paper.

       As part of the Writing 100 course, I was asked to reflect on my writing process. After each submissions, you can find a brief reflection in which I discuss how I appraoched the relative assignment and the techniques I used while writing. I hope that through this you come to understand who I am as a writer and see my attitudes towards the topics addressed throughout my submissions.